Best home wireless routers : Microsoft wireless optical mouse 2000 : Wireless broadband laptop cards


Best home wireless routers : Microsoft wireless optical mouse 2000 : Wireless broadband laptop cards

Best Home Wireless Routers

best home wireless routers




So it all began yesterday around 2:30, my free internet was no longer available to me, and this saddend me greatly. So after I got back from the stellar party last night, I went to best buy, picked up a router, and came home. nervously awaiting my neighbors return i fell asleep. when I awoke I gathered my Apple Airport, and new router and went up stairs, only to realize that my router was not needed, and just plugged my wireless right into her linksys and voiala I have internet again!!! i went a whole 27 hours without internet, and trust me checking your mailbox is not the same as checking your life about ended 36 was brutal, but now that i'm online and only have to pay half of a phone cable bill im feeling pretty good, and i took back the unused router and got that all taken care a good day indeed.

Had about a bottle of wine last night, and this morning i felt the wrath of such, major headache, but it was so worth it. thank you $2.97 bottle of White Zin. I will be forever grateful to you and walmart, cause you can buy that at was on sale. HOW AWESOME ARE STATES THAT ARENT CONTROLED BY ....the STATE! hah
and now i'm just enjoying my mac & cheese w/ hotdogs, i've been jonesin to put hot dogs in everything as of lately.....baked beans, mac and cheese, ice cream....idk its weird! hah

Rainbow vulcano

Rainbow vulcano

We've been taking the boys down to an elementary to play most days and I snapped this picture of one of the walls around the grounds. Gil and I went to best buy this morning to boy a wireless router for the house. Adam and I are sick of stealing a fairly weak signal from the neighbor across the street. I've just finished a nice workout and I'm heading home to do the install while everyone else cooks. The weather is still great here but I noticed a nor easter heading up the east coast. I hope the trees in our yard stay standing.

best home wireless routers

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